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So this year started off with the goal of having a new video out every Friday. In early April, that plan changed to having a new video out every Saturday. Once again, as predicted, another change occurred. The goal now is to have at least two videos released per month. I've loosened my deadlines considerably because now I am working on an ongoing freelance project for a client and friend. Production had begun in late April / early May and I have been finding it difficult to maintain a weekly deadline AND work on the project at the same time, so I figured that by loosening my deadline for George Channel videos, it will makes things easier. Basically the game plan is this: Have at least 2 videos out per month and post them immediately after they are completed. In the past, I sometimes would complete a video before the deadline but then wait until the deadline to post them.  Another change I am making is that I want to rely less and less on posting throwback videos. These throwbacks were posted whenever I couldn't finish a new video by the deadline. Having throwback videos is good in my mind but I was beginning to worry that the number of throwback videos would eventually outnumber the new material, so I'm currently trying to offset the number of throwback videos with more brand new videos.  I'm not saying my old cartoons are bad, but they definitely are in a sort of embryonic stage. I feel that George is a more fully developed cartoon now.

Since New Years Day 2016, I've made sure to have a new video released every Friday from that point onward. By late March, I had decided to change that due date because of my Monday to Friday work schedule. It's a little difficult to produce a 30 second to 1 minute cartoon and work full time in a week. With that thought in mind, I decided to change the due date to Saturday, as I am usually off on that day and it allows for extra time to complete a brand new video. Another problem with the old Friday due date is that on some Thursday nights, I'd have a cartoon that is almost complete, though it feels like I would need an extra day to complete it. So what I would do is put out a throwback video for the next day, and then finish the all new cartoon for the following Friday. I wasn't liking the idea of only having 2 completely brand new videos in a month. Back in the fall, I think I used to have 4 new videos in a month, or 3 new videos and a throwback. I believe by having that extra day, I won't have to rely on throwback videos so much, and though there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a look back at my old work, I feel that The George Channel should focus on my current work as much as possible. I like to feature something new every week!





In my first blog post on this site, I'd just like to say that 2015 has..without a doubt...been the return of George. Since August, he's made a major comeback and it hasn't been since New Years Day 2011 that he's been in an animated short. In my second year of college back in 2010-2011, George made his first comeback after having disappeared for a year, but this would've been the first time he appeared in animated form. From 2001-2009, George had only ever been in comicstrip form, other than a clumsy (but rather interesting)  attempt at animation back in 2005 using a camcorder, hitting the red button to record, then quickly hitting it again to stop recording. It was very bumpy, but I mean.. I was 13 and had no idea how to do proper animation. I didn't acquire that knowledge and skill until the turn of the decade.


The year started off with the crazy idea to pitch recurring 20 second animated George shorts to Conan O'Brien's show on TBS. BOY, DID THAT WORK!! As pretty much stated in the 'biography' section of this site "If you can't be on someone else's show, then create your own!" I've enjoyed watching Conan's show for the last 2 years or so and it was the comedy and set up of that show that inspired me to bring George back. For the last 3 years, George had become something of a footnote as my interests were completely directed towards my weekly radio show with CoveFM. In the present, I can safely say that I still  enjoy doing both.

This site is called The George Channel for a reason. This is the definitive world of George and it's channeled through this website. I've created so many wacky stories around this guy that he just needs his own channel to broadcast all of that, and that channel is right here. As you can see from the links, The George Channel appears on various social media outlets. I've done this so that not only can my Facebook friends check out this channel, but also so that complete strangers can find it and hopefully enjoy what they're watching and reading.


Mum pointed out something rather funny just recently. She said how George has all of these celebrity guests...and all of this happens after George states in the first video that The George Channel had to forego renovations due to BUDGET CUTS! I basically made another silly gag blindly and never realized it until then!


Thankyou to the people who have subscribed, liked and followed The George Channel. It means the world to an artist like me who has silly ideas and wants to project them to the people!