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Since New Years Day 2016, I've made sure to have a new video released every Friday from that point onward. By late March, I had decided to change that due date because of my Monday to Friday work schedule. It's a little difficult to produce a 30 second to 1 minute cartoon and work full time in a week. With that thought in mind, I decided to change the due date to Saturday, as I am usually off on that day and it allows for extra time to complete a brand new video. Another problem with the old Friday due date is that on some Thursday nights, I'd have a cartoon that is almost complete, though it feels like I would need an extra day to complete it. So what I would do is put out a throwback video for the next day, and then finish the all new cartoon for the following Friday. I wasn't liking the idea of only having 2 completely brand new videos in a month. Back in the fall, I think I used to have 4 new videos in a month, or 3 new videos and a throwback. I believe by having that extra day, I won't have to rely on throwback videos so much, and though there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a look back at my old work, I feel that The George Channel should focus on my current work as much as possible. I like to feature something new every week!