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So this year started off with the goal of having a new video out every Friday. In early April, that plan changed to having a new video out every Saturday. Once again, as predicted, another change occurred. The goal now is to have at least two videos released per month. I've loosened my deadlines considerably because now I am working on an ongoing freelance project for a client and friend. Production had begun in late April / early May and I have been finding it difficult to maintain a weekly deadline AND work on the project at the same time, so I figured that by loosening my deadline for George Channel videos, it will makes things easier. Basically the game plan is this: Have at least 2 videos out per month and post them immediately after they are completed. In the past, I sometimes would complete a video before the deadline but then wait until the deadline to post them.  Another change I am making is that I want to rely less and less on posting throwback videos. These throwbacks were posted whenever I couldn't finish a new video by the deadline. Having throwback videos is good in my mind but I was beginning to worry that the number of throwback videos would eventually outnumber the new material, so I'm currently trying to offset the number of throwback videos with more brand new videos.  I'm not saying my old cartoons are bad, but they definitely are in a sort of embryonic stage. I feel that George is a more fully developed cartoon now.